Aries, Part 2

As I walk into your dark mango living room, I look nauseously at the upholstery nightmare you have the nerve to call a couch. It looks like it’d been birthed from a jagged manure pile and it smelled worse. As you sat down and made yourself comfortable, I was quietly thanking God I’d had the sense to purchase the black leather recliner gathering dust near the window so I’d have a decent place to perch. I tossed a dirty sock into the corner, adding to your mountain of a laundry pile and sat down.

     After 10 minutes of small talk, fake smiles, uneasy glances, and long pauses I finally said, “Enough bullshit. Why’d you call?”
     Taken off guard and obviously nervous, you took a deep breath and and said, “This break isn’t doin’ it for me. I want to break up. We’re done.”
     I stared at you in stunned silence, my mouth hanging slightly open.
     “Please say something,” you pleaded, my blank face giving away nothing but shock.
     No words came to my mind. A few more seconds passed and my eyes began tearing up. You exploded.
     “I mean come on! It’s not like this is some big revelation! You fucked another guy for goodness sake! What the hell did you expect to happen?”
Now I was pissed.
     “I’ve never cheated on you! I told you that two weeks ago when you came home hysterical and told me to ‘Get the hell out,’ remember? I told you on the phone 4 days later after being yelled at like a child, and I’m telling you now: “I’ve never cheated on you. Ever.”
     “But you’re lying – we both know you are. Why can’t you stop? I saw the two of you at Onyx and you looked pretty damn comfy.”
     “That guy was a business friend of mine. We’ve been friends for years and we were just hanging out. You’re so damn insecure! We weren’t even together! We were in a crowd of people. I mean, his wife was there for heaven’s sake! Why is it so hard for you to trust me?!”

     “Cuz you’re a fucking, lying whore, that’s why.”

     At this point we are both standing, and you’d taken a few steps towards me. After that last insult I slapped you across the face as hard as I could. I was raising my hand to hit you again when you grabbed my wrists and threw me back into my chair. I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer so they came out in waves of sobs – which only infuriated you more.

     “Don’t start that shit with me right now, I know what I saw. I’m not falling for the tears. You’ve always been a flirt.”
     “And that automatically makes me a cheater?” I managed to get out in between my gasps for air.
     “No. Fucking other men is what makes you a cheater.”

     You sat back down and rested your head in your hands. I walked over to you, sat on my knees positioning myself on the floor between your legs and lifted your head so our eyes were level.

     “I loved you,” you almost whispered.
     “I love you. I don’t want to spend my life without you. Can’t you see that? Can’t we start over? “
     “I wish we could. I wish I could believe you.”
     You stood up and brushed past me to get to the kitchen. I followed.
     “So you won’t even try to work past this?” I demanded.
     “I’ve tried working past this for two and a half years. I’m done. It’s not worth it. You’re not worth it. Besides, if you won’t even admit you were wrong, how can we ever move on?”
     “You know what? Fuck you! I’m sick of you accusing me of shit I didn’t do, without a shred of proof!”
     Then, for the first time, your face went void of all emotion. Your eyes, like cool, shiny ice glared right through me. “Fine. Then we’re agreed. Get your shit and get the fuck out. I don’t want to see you again. I’m done. Leave my keys and go.”
     One more tear fell as I whispered, “Fuck you.”
     “Not anymore, baby,” you said with a smug smile.
     As you glided past me something shiny and silver caught my eye. It was the barbecue set I’d bought you last Christmas. I grabbed the meat fork and, before you had a chance to react, I buried it deep in your back, probably piercing your kidney.
     Time stood still. As I eased the fork from your flesh you turned and fell, gurgling something I couldn’t understand. I wanted to finish the job but decided against it…I had other plans for the day and I was running late already, so instead I just hung the fork back up on the hook over the sink.
     As I washed my hands and you took your last gasps of life I said, “You see what happens when you assume the worst of people? Fine, have it your way. I’ll leave your keys on the coffee table.”
     With a towel in my hand I leaned down and whispered in your ear, “You’ve made a big mistake. I’ve never been anything but faithful and honest to you.”
     I left you writhing on the floor and went to the bedroom to get my Steve Holy CD. It was my favorite and the only thing I really wanted back.
     An hour ago I stepped out of the passenger side of my powder purple Explorer. Now, I’m slipping back in, a look of contentment on my face. I lean over and kiss my lover who’s been such a dear for waiting so patiently.
     We’ve been together for seven months now and I think it’s getting serious.
     “Sorry that took so long, sweetie. We should get going.”
     “No problem babe. Your girlfriend give you that CD you wanted?”

     “Yep. Wanna hear it?”

The End

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