because sometimes I sit and try to open the floodgates of my mind but the latch won't work or the rock is in the way. And that moment, that precious moment is forever gone and lost to me. Like a password I've forgotten Just a word, never written. It's a dim light that's been extinguished … Continue reading Lost



******      She hurriedly ran up the dingy staircase, taking them two at a time. Reaching the to she glared into infinite darkness. Stretched out before her was an immense hallway lined with dozens of doors on either side. As her eyes adjusted she began slowly moving towards the first door. As quietly as … Continue reading Reign


There is a sadness in my heart, I never knew I had. There is a darkness in my spirit, that carries me away. There is a cavern in my mind, thoughts lost in fluid frustration.Accomplishments forgotten, success pushed away. Hopes unfulfilled. Faith malnourished. Smile, steadfast. Cheeks, unquenched. I dig a grave within my soul And … Continue reading Painted